Doug Burbidge

Laser guns designed, programmed,
built, maintained, operated.
Torches juggled.
Damsels rescued.

dougburbidge at dougburbidge com

This here is the web page of Doug Burbidge. Click for larger image

You might be here looking for Zone Laser Tag Australasian Championship results.

Here are a bunch of blog-like writings, which I used to periodically create and email to my friends.

To Las Vegas 21 Oct 1996 10KB
San Diego 5 Nov 1996 13KB
California 7 Apr 1997 11KB
4th of July 7 Jul 2000   5KB
Ballooning 16 Oct 2000 14KB
Ballooning Too 10 Nov 2000 10KB
Balloon Festival part 1 24 Nov 2000 11KB, plus images
Balloon Festival part 2 8 Dec 2000   8KB
To England 14 Apr 2000 10KB
Megazone 28 Apr 2000   9KB
Burnmoor St 7 May 2000   9KB, plus images
Leicester 14 Jul 2000 11KB, plus images
The Front-Loading Washing Machine   11 May 2000   6KB
France and Finland 11 May 2001 16KB
Taking Care of Tim 22 Sep 2000   8KB
More Time With Tim 19 Jan 2001   6KB
Playstation 2 Party 5 Jan 2001 11KB
Making Change 2 Feb 2001   5KB
Procrastination 16 Feb 2001   4KB
The Magical Exploding Beer 2 Mar 2001   5KB
Burbidge's Amazing Anti-lost Kit 16 Mar 2001   2KB, plus image
En Garde 31 Mar 2001 12KB
A Swancon trip report 20 Apr 2001 13KB
Entrepreneurism is contagious 25 May 2001   5KB
The AT&T phone card 6 Jun 2001 22KB
A busy week 3 Aug 2001 12KB
Oz Zone national tournament 2001 24 Aug 2001 13KB
Printing 21 Sep 2001 11KB, plus images

Here are some infographic / visualisations.

2013 Federal senate results for WA:
2013 federal senate results for WA. Click for larger image.
Synergy Smart home Plan tariff:
Synergy Smart home Plan tariff. Click for larger image.
Synergy SM1 smart tariff:
Synergy SM1 smart tariff. Click for larger image.
Supported lifespan of Apple and Google phones:
Supported lifespan of Apple and Google phones. Click for larger image.
Front face and screen area of iPhones:
Front face and screen area of iPhones. Click for larger image.

Here is some other harder-to-categorise stuff.

hello 13 Feb 1997   2KB
Gajillion 6 Oct 2000   1KB
Outback Steakhouse                             27 Dec 2000   4KB
Technica: VGA over Cat5 cable 31 Jul 2002   4KB
Engraving glass bottles 4 Aug 2002 10KB, plus images
Zone Laser Tag Australasian Championship results 3 Aug 2003
Fencing Control Box 22 June 2004 18KB, plus images
Software written by me 20 May 2007

Here is some stuff about setting up tournaments for three-team games.