Northbridge arena

The Northbridge arena is multi-level. Most of the arena is on the ground floor, but blue base is approximately a metre below the main floor, and red base and the red reload are on the upper level, approximately 2.5 metres above the main floor.

There are two ramps connecting the main floor with the upper level: one leads up to the platform above blue, and then via a short bridge across to the red reload; the other leads straight up to red base.

Areas that are part of the bottom floor but have upper level above them are shown in grey. Circles are 200 litre (44 gallon / 55 gallon) drums. Black/white dashed lines are mesh: you can fire through them, but not walk through them. Black/grey dashed lines are half-height barricades; or full-height barricades with a window in them; or bottom half solid, top half mesh barricades.


Northbridge arena.  Click for standalone image.