Campbelltown arena

The Campbelltown arena is single level with extensive ramps. The ramps are in a hexagonal arrangement, with 10 hexagonal towers connected by 17 straight ramps, all of the same width, length and angle, and one ramp with a corner part way. There is also one small staircase near red base. Note that the top reload, near the top left of the map, is outside the arena, and is visible from the lobby.

Each base is overlooked by ramps. At red and yellow, the side wall and hand-rail of the ramp are part of the base evac area.

An observation deck overlooks yellow base.

In triples, all three reloads were turned into bases. The target for the top reload is in the triangular area shown just below the reload on the map.


Campbelltown arena.  Click for larger image.