Box Hill arena

The Box Hill arena is very multi-level. There are two main floors, with many additional levels created by platforms and ramps.

Players enter the arena on the ground level, which contains red base, the sentinel, and two reloads. (Reloads and sentinel were turned off for Nationals.) There is a staircase, leading to the next level up, and two ramps, which lead to a grille-floor platform (containing a reload), which in turn also leads to the second level. The second level contains green base, three more reloads, and access to a variety of ramps. Yellow base is above the second floor, accessed by two of these ramps. The "bridge" ramp across the top centre of the arena also has a grille floor, and looking down you can see all the way down to the floor of the ground level.

There are two entry ways to each base. If you've visited the site recently, you'll notice that green base (now blue base) and some of the surrounding ramps have been reworked.


Box Hill arena.  Image to come.