3-team grids

I have been involved for the past decade or two with a laser game system known in various parts of the world as Zone 3, Darkzone, Megazone, Ultrazone; and a few other names as well.

Zone is different from almost every other sport in that there are three teams in any one game. This makes creating round-robin grids for leagues and tournaments more challenging than for regular two-team sports: creating a grid in which every team plays every other team the same number of times turns out to be difficult, particularly as the number of teams rises.

Here is a table of tournament grids.
Here is a table of league grids.
Here is an explanation of how to read a grid.
It's fairly common to finish a league or tournament with a Finals.

Grids also exist for more than 3 teams in a game,
and for just 2 teams in a game.

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