Willetton arena

The Willetton arena is multi-level. Most of the arena is on the ground floor, with a series of ramps above.

At the moment there are several staircases in the arena, mostly around red base. It is planned to remove these before Nationals.

Areas that are part of the bottom floor but have upper level above them are shaded in grey. Black/white dashed lines are staircase railings: you can fire through them, but not walk through them. Black/grey dashed lines are half-height barricades or bottom half solid, top half mesh barricades. There are a few barricades shown as solid that it is possible for tall players to shoot over. These may be modified before Nationals.

It is not known what areas (if any) will be base evac. The most popular shooter spot for each base is coloured in: it is possible that these spots will be base evac.

Here is a panorama of the Willetton arena, from the observation deck. At left, the ramp to yellow base. At centre left, the crenellations visible are the ramps aroudn the edge of red base. At centre, the platform in the centre of the arena. At left, blue base. At extreme bottom left, kit-up room.


Willetton arena.  Click for stand-alone image.